Conservatory Roof Replacement

In most cases conservatories are more often unusable for most of the year. Our customers mostly have issues with cold conservatories in the winter and hot conservatories in the summer.

The extra room can become excessively hot, or absolutely freezing cold, making it unusable. This is one of the most common reasons why our clients look into conservatory roof replacement.

Alternatively if your current conservatory roof is showing varying signs of mould, condensation, and persistent leaking, or you might wish to update the style or expand your extra living space, replacing your existing conservatory roof can breathe new life for a small fraction of the cost of a new conservatory or house extension.

Our specialist conservatory replacement offers the flexibility to completely transform your home into an extended living space and is fully approved in accordance with Building Regulations.

Your old conservatory might also be costing you money as it becomes less efficient and warm air escapes.

Conservatory Roof Renovations can upgrade your current conservatory to the latest roofing technology to help you save money, improve the comfort of your extended living space, and possibly reduce your energy bills.

Not to mentin makes your extra space usable 365 days of the year! With a new conservatory roof installation you will be able to use your underutilised conservatory and turn it into the additional room that you always wanted it to be.

If you require conservatory roof replacement then we are your first choice for local quality workmanship. Contact us today for roof replacement in Berkhamsted, Aylesbury, Amersham, Chalfont St. Giles, Chalfont St. Peter, Little Chalfont, High Wycombe, Thame, Bicester, Winslow, Beaconsfield and all surrounding areas.

Conservatory Roof Replacement

Conservatory Roof Renovations has over 30 years of experience in conservatory roof replacement, conservatory warm roofs, glass roofs, roof pyramids, tiled roofs, and Guardian warm roofs.

Whatever the shape or style of your conservatory; we provide the perfect solution, giving you that warm, liveable extra room. Ideal as a Dining Area, Family Room, Study or even an extra Reception Room…

Additional Room

Turn your conservatory into an additional room that can be used 365 days a year and a room that is not too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Low Maintenance

A conservatory roof renovation reduces maintenance. This new roof requires little or no maintenance at all.

Energy Efficient

A warm roof installation will dramatically reduce heating bills whilst also making it easier to control the temperature in your new room.

Adds Value

Having a Conservatory Roof Renovation will undoubtedly add real value to your property as it creates a room that’s usable all year round unlike a traditional conservatory.

Noise Reduction

The noises from outside elements are dramatically reduced by the ‘Thermal and Acoustic Barriers’ that are within any of our Warm Roof Systems.

Personal Service

Our personal consultation we will be able to help you decide the best option for you. All the materials we use are fully recyclable and British made!

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